Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seoul Food

Food photo extravaganza!  I'll shut up and let you look.

Korean bbq at Tadak.

Beautiful steaming egg souffle (ggae rahn jeem?).

Spicy carrot/lettuce salad and some Cass beer.

The best part.

The most delicious gimbap in a blanket of fried egg.  It was like breakfast sushi.

What'll you have?

Bibimbop before and after.  I want to eat this again.  Right now.

A snowman doughnut at the Incheon airport.

Me, doing my best Zoidberg with the most delicious piece of squid.

There is a pretty big hot dog culture in So-Kore.  They have hot dogs cooked in a "breading" of chopped french fries.  Sublime.  Top that, America!

These are my new favorite thing:  glutinous rice balls.  The taste, the texture, all of it.  These are perfection.  I had a purple potato and a sweet potato ball.  I also tried the mugwort ball and approved.