Friday, January 6, 2012


So, its true.  I have seen it with my own eyes now.  Spanish style is the pits.  The goofy strapped and buckled leather or '90s trainer-style shoes, the ill-conceived washes and grotesque detailing on the denim, the early aughts-style Chico's embroidery on everything, the wigs (I don't care if you're being "festive", a wig worn in the daytime should be on a cancer patient), and the "artfully" colored jacquard fabrics (again, Chico's, I know where you go for inspiration).

But wait, all of this is meant to announce that I went to Madrid last weekend!  My first time in Spain! 

B and I went to meet up with dear friends from SF, who had secured a well-decorated and -situated apartment there.  We spent Friday night at the epicurean mercado, then Saturday-day hit another mercado for a bubbly brunch, then it was the eve of the new year so we ate our grapes and went dancing (after some requisite tequila shots), then we had a proper sweatpanted new year's day that culminated in some late-night bacon cheeseburgers and a New Girl marathon. The next day involved a pop into the Reina Sofia (long story, but it really was a life-changing visit...), some empanadas, and a flight back. 

Here are some selected photos.

Churros and dipping/drinking chocolate.  Try to beat that.

You can't have the above without some plastic-backed naps from Pampi's.  We snagged a box and they served us well the whole weekend.

Adorable menu graphics from our Saturday lunch.  The pig is king in Spain.

View from above.  Mercado = heaven.

Even the cheese is pig-shaped in Spain!

Seafood party!

I will tell you that the nadir of the trip was when I was scolded at the grocery store for trying to take a photo of the largest piece of pulpo I had ever seen.  I wish I could have gotten ths pic because this guy was really something.

For the life of me, I can't find the name of these tiny, stringy fishes.  But I'm pretty sure I'd love them.

Bunny art!

Remember when I said that the pig was king?  Well maybe I meant octopus...  That one I didn't get a photo of at the grocery store could have taken down a pig, that's for sure.

Mellow kitchen times.

The scene of the New Girl marathon.

Lights everywhere.  And, look!  A race!  Definitely the opposite of how I would choose to spend my NYE.

Line 'em up.

Grapes and some H G-Ligh before heading out in the new year.

New year's day dessert treats.  (Note the centrally placed Pampi's.)

The recovery cava was well on at this point....