Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guess Where I Am!

My home away from home...

Earlier tonight, room service called me back to tell me that my stir fry could not be served with white rice because they were "out."  But it's China, no?  I downgrade the food service at this hotel more for running out of steamed rice than I do for giving me a stomach virus last month. 

But you know the best part?  They offered to serve the stir fry with bread instead.  I wanted to say something snotty like, "If I wanted BREAD, I would have stayed in Paris!"  But bread or not, I would have stayed in Paris and, well, there's no need to get into it with the Chinese lackey made to give news of a rice shortage. 

So here are some (time-consumingly) uploaded photos that you no doubt have already seen if you are Instagram or FB friends.  Sorry about the cross-posting and even sorrier about the repeat captioning. 

Also, the girl who sits next to me at our office here basically spends all day with one headphone in watching Ally McBeal episodes on her laptop and not even trying to look busy.  She is a nice girl, a French girl, doing an internship in Shanghai, apparently gaining hours toward her Crappy American TV Dramedies major. I just want someone to know that I know because the rest of the office acts like this is what they're paying her for.  God forbid, she should pop out an earbud and file something!

Need to charge your Ally McBeal-era cellphone?  This guy's gotcha covered!

"Hey, Fire, you lookin' at me?"


Who likes wolfberry wine?  This guy!

Honestly, they had me at lobster.  So when they threw some cheese on top, I was powerless.  And, yes, they are good.  Stay tuned for when I finally try the "Cool Cucumber" flavored Pringles.

The blingin'est iPhone case ever, hand-rhinestoned by someone on my fabric team.  This thing is seriously blowing my game of inconspicuous photo-taking.  It was a gift...