Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Weekly Haps


The Meert sweet shop is just around the corner from my work.

This is Li'l Blackie.  Well, that's what we call him anyway.  He's my favorite neighborhood dog (and by "neighborhood dog", I mean that his dad's a bum.).  Here he is waiting outside the Franprix for his dad to steal something or hustle somebody.  I really love Li'l Blackie, but his dad not so much.  Although I do acknowledge that he hasn't traded in Li'l B for another dog like lots of the other bums.  These two, at least they're a team.

Prune de Nuit has the best bar snacks.  Plus-sized gummies, peanuts, and corn nuts!  And yes, that is a franken-body-of-gummy-with-head-of-corn-nut monster.

This is where the canal comes back above ground, just before opening up on the Seine.  There's the Bastille statue in the background.

Check out the Keith Harring-inspired paint job on the boat in the middle.

 Beautiful allée in the Jardin des Plantes.  I am totally coming back to check out the menagerie!

Crazy kilted and satyr-legged piper along the Seine.

Our bread got its own chair because our table was too small.