Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun with M and J!

I was lucky enough to have one of my very bestest friends and her husband in town for a whole week!  A whole week!  It was like they lived here!  Which made it all the harder to let them go when the time came...

We ate well, drank well, laughed lots, caught up on the pop cultures, embraced our feline yens, made regular trips to Cos, and generally felt lucky to have the time together.  Well, I sure did.

This sweet darling chaton is Rillette, the latest addition to La Patache.  She loves lying on the woodpile at the back of the cozy bar, but she also loves cuddling and being passed around by the patrons.  As if I didn't like La Patache already, what with their charming environs and their novel approach to bar food (read: cans of fancy fish, jars of gourmet meats), now there is a CAT on the premises.  They will be getting plenty of my money in the months to come!

Neighborhood nutter (and John Malkavich look-a-like) behind the desk at Le Comptoir General.  I saw him again last night, looking dashing in some plaid pants and a denim shirt-jacket not unlike one that B is fond of wearing.  Yeah, he's cool.

Comptoir General-ing.

This is a very dark picture of some knife play at Le Fanfaron.  It looks like something else entirely, but I assure you all of the action was around a very quick knife and a hand on a cutting board.  Yes, there was blood.... but just a little and only from the crazy bartender/owner.  Though I am willing to bet that based on usual antics, most nights he leaves that place bleeding... or at least bruised.