Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Other Weekend, In Brussels

Oh, Brussels.  Every time it gets harder to leave.

Find Yoshi!

The thing I like about Yoshi's poster (besides the fact that he's missing... boo) is that his mom/dad shows him in so many different situations.  Here's what Yoshi looks like sleeping on the couch.  And here's how he is under the kitchen table.  So if you find a cat that resembles Yoshi, just pop him in one of these situations as a double-check that you have the right cat.

 La Bottega Della Pizza never does me wrong.  At the front is a pulpo carpaccio pizza.  So simple and perfect with just a smidge of lemon juice and some rocket.  YUM.

This is Oslo.  She graciously had us over for a bbq.  She also has mad tree-climbing skills.
Look at the intensity in her eyes.
I think she is challenging YOU to a tree-climbing contest.
Now try your best!

Because delicious ceilings have run their course.

Well it took all that to make him a dood.  Guess those kegstand rumors were just that... rumors.