Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Chapel of the Miraculous Medal

Went to the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, which is commonly known simply as "Rue du Bac."  (Or that's what my mom kept calling it, anyway.)  This is where it is said that the Virgin Mother appeared to St. Catherine Laboure and gave her the markings for what is now known as the "miraculous medal."  (It is also one of the first/only examples of divine graphic design.  heh.)

Anyway, it's a nice chapel, even if it is pretty creepy that the body of St. Louise de Marillac is there.  She is one of the "Incorruptibles"... which is totally not a rock band or some sort of holy gang.  Wait, it is a sort of holy gang.  It's a gang of people destined to have their withered bodies on display for eternity because the darn things won't degrade.


Even if some of these are hoaxes or there are chemicals or wax involved, it's enough to give me some creepy dreams.  You can read more about incorruptibility here.  (Steel your stomach first for some of the photos.)

Thanks for the miracles.

 In case there was any question just where this medal came from.


I think that woman is kissing the altar.  Big thanks, indeed.

There it is!  There's the body!  

People are pretty jazzed about this, judging from all of the banners.