Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Napoleon's Tomb

I went to Les Invalides the other weekend when my special guests were in town.  Despite being a smidge under the weather (my own doing), I really enjoyed it.  Napoleon built it for his aging and infirm soldiers.  Now it is a military museum, as well as Napoleon's tomb.

Plump n' pointy trees outside the main building.

Is this kitty-canon smiling??

The church.  There are all sorts of rad tattered flags toward the ceiling.

Altar to St. Joseph.

I think this is a memorial to the unknown soldiers.

Napoleon's final spot, overseen by fancy (and giant!) ladies.

Ceiling's real done-up.

I happened to be wearing a Napoleon-ish jacket.

The man, in his robe of bees.

They put up this crazy apparatus just so no one would trip on the chipped stone below.  Amazing!