Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Weekend... Philly Love

Despite trouble from the Belgian consulate on a day-jaunt to NYC, I spent a lovely weekend in Philly.  I really do miss it there.  It's such a magical city, full of magical people.  It got a little stressful trying to squeeze everything in, and I missed some favies and didn't have enough time with others, but still.  It was good to be back, if only briefly.

Hey Carlos, I got your "package" right here, buddy!  (On 3rd Street in Queen Village.)

Pretty birdy outside of Southwark in my old 'hood.

Monkey family in the subway in NYC.  Shame I didn't take any pics of Leila and Drew!  I was lucky enough to coordinate a meet-up with them in the city.  So good to catch up, and so glad they were there to help me deal with the blow dealt earlier by the Belgians.  Boo.

Subway crackage.

From the cupcake shack in Old City.  My favorite.

Oh, Philly.

Oh, Philly:  part 2.

Mere's amazing taxidermied mountain goat!

Mere's amazing Mrs. Wiggums!  Even with her "stupid face" she is full of kitty love.  I was on the receiving end of some good snarfings, I tell you!

Mere and Neal in Nicki's lovely backyard.  I want to LIVE back there!

I *wish* I had a better picture to convey the hotness that was Nicki on Saturday night!  Nicki, your public cries for more updo's!

Tryout for community theater production of City of Lost Children:  Take 1.

 Tryout for community theater production of City of Lost Children:  Take 2.

The lovely Vien and the sweet Powder.  Love that we weaseled our way into someone's apartment just to meet a new feline friend, who was then offered for sale to Vien and Philippa.  So odd!

Nicki gets her point across to Neal, who is dashing in his stripes, over brunch at Tinto.

Squirrel hat!  Mere is wearing the most incredible hat ever!  That tuft of fur is the hindquarters of a squirrel!  And there is a tiny squirrel foot to secure the chain on the other side.  Droooool.