Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuff on Walls #52

What can I say?  The evening light dimmed just so and the callbox had a perfect glow.  I couldn't resist.

Love him or hate him (this string on the Odd Future forum sorta sums up what the kids are saying ... it's not artistically done, so is it "art" or just vandalism?), at least here he's got a nice looking script going.  Though at first glance, I thought it was a hater biting him with "Kibutt"... but I guess it's just him all fancied up.

And here's more that popped up on some planters along my route to work.  His stuff really is everywhere in Paris right now.  If you must know, I'm sorta "meh" on it.  It ain't great, but it's fun to spot.

Here's a quick vid of his fire extinguisher technique.  Nothing new, but it sure packs a punch.  As much as I wanted to post the video of him blasting Colette, I opted for him hitting up the agnes b. homme store, which is right around the corner from my apartment.

A li-bit?  A rab-on?  A bun-ion?

A moment before, there was an old man (complete with cane) standing just to the left of this scrawl.  The shot could have been that much better.