Monday, November 21, 2011

Real Quick

I started taking outfit photos again, and even though I'm using the big (read:  fancy) camera, it's still hard to get a good shot when I'm just one lady with a tripod and a rush to get out the door in the morning.  Bear with me as I work out the photo-taking, but for now here are some things I've worn recently:

Hard to make out the goodness in this one... velvet shirt with rounded collar from Cos, shorts with baby deer print that turns out looking quite geo at a distance, and look!  Those Opening Ceremony shoes!  After some hearty sessions with the shoe stretch, they are back!  And I can wear them for hours on end now!

Blarg... it's hard to make things out, but this is a romper/jumper/pair of shortalls from Philip Lim with the loveliest leather buttons.  Shirt is vintage and says something disparaging about co-workers (as illustrated with turkeys) in a manner that peaked in the early 80s.  Boots are Frye and space dyed tights are ??

Check out my new leather and fur bracelet from HK!   (Such veiny hands...)

Space dyed tights, headed out the door to work!

I can't seem to quit this sequined jacket lately.  Nor the clicky frog necklace.

These boots were also given new life thanks to some free time and a bottle of shoe stretch.  This is how I spent the first weekend since my boyfriend moved up north... walking around with chemically wet shoes and socks 2-deep.


This shirt is the best thing I have purchased in ages.  It's a cotton/poly black/white birdseye sweatshirt, but the fabric is sturdy and it's cut big so that it's got a life of its own.  I wore this 3 days in a row that weekend.  No joke.  Sweatshirt from Cos, tights from Cos, leather shorts from UO, boots from Opening Ceremony. 

Boo on the dark photo, because this outfit is full of color!  Thrifted gem sweater and black tap shorts from Cos combined with mustard tights... I was dancing out the door that morning!

I really have to work on the photos.... Blarg.