Thursday, August 12, 2010

The State of The Apartment

**note** I am frustratingly forgetful of the capitalization guidelines for titles (as per the style of the publishing company where I used to work) that I used to know and it's a source of irk almost every time I type a title.  (I mean, really, that's the LEAST of the grammatical/style/punctuation issues here... how far I've fallen...)  Something about capitalizing if over four letters... and articles... but not prepositions...  ACK!  I struggle to be a nerd these days.  (Oh sheesh, now you're probably gonna rake through this thing just looking for errors.  Blazes, why did I go and say something?!)

Anyway, without further ado, I give you the apartment as it currently stands:

The girls are finally up!  And there's Dave's piece over the mantle by the nefarious bunny.

Let sleeping cats lie... especially when on their favorite chair!

The is the "Chau nook"... I think they go quite well with Mabel.  (A bar, a dressmaker's mannequin... it's perfectly fitting of the lovely Ms. Chau.  :))  Now we just need a nifty sconce to go betwixt them.

Mabel's got her belly on display.  She's a mannequin after my own heart.

This is Byron's room/project.  What a mess, hm?

The new wardrobe is in place.

Shelves are filling up...

This Taxali is perfect for the bathroom.  Don't think about why too much, but just know it is.

Bedroom wardrobe woes.  Byron's got a nice pile-up of runoff on the floor (yeah, OK, the white pony boots are mine)... I'm not saying anything because he kindly gifted me the lion's share of HIS wardrobe here, as well.  *sigh*

The kitchen, most glorious of rooms.  I want to LIVE in it.  The other rooms are superfluous, no?

Look!  It's Hawk's cheesesteak painting!!!  It's totally best friends with the two Gary Taxali ice cream guys, no?

I hug you with my crazy long arms!

I show you the wisdom contained on my pants!

I stretch to show you the width of my dress and my sweater heart necklace!

Dress is from Cos, and I could wear it every day.  Leggings are from Pixie Market.  I forget the designer and I'm too lazy to go look right now.  Necklace is from Penelope's in Chicago.  Shoes are from Barney's COOP (house label).  Girl is from St. Louis.