Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pony Party!

Sadly, the Pony Party sign didn't make it to Brussels.  I used it for a party at our old place in Philly (which trickily didn't have any ponies on offer), and someone swiped it!  (Maybe they were mad about the lack of ponies?)  Oh, the times we had with that sign.  It spread like a rash through the A&F parking lot.  A happy, fun rash!

So yes... this is the worried horse/sleepy horse jacket/dress.  I found this gem at the Rag-O-Rama in Cbus, where they gladly took it off the window mannequin for me (unlike those jerks at the R-O-R in St. Louis, who have a "policy" that they can't take anything out of the window display... grrr).  It says "Neigh" on it, as well.  Neigh!  Because that's what horses say!  I'm not sure if it's meant to be a jacket or a dress, and I've worn it as both.  The label reads "The Vested Gentress".  This makes me happy.

Dress, Isabel Marant; jacket, vintage (The Vested Gentress... just wanted to type that again); wooden bead necklace by me; shoes, old Kenneth Cole; purse old Dooney & Bourke).