Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A tiny spider waited patiently while we ate our pizza at La Bottega Della Pizza, which is the real-deal deliciousness we'd been craving.  Go there.  It's at Duceptiaux and Ch du Waterloo.


Good draw-rings at that little bar we went to after seeing Inception.  "LAPIIIIN"!!!!!

B and I went to Antwerp last Saturday.  There is both a "Jodenstraat" and an "Everdijstraat" there.  And look! They're both on this map!

I've got a big collection of address numbers (and architect signatures) now that I've been saving up to post, but these are too good to sleep on.  Near the Walter Van Beirendonck store in Antwerp.

See how easy Dutch is?  Assuming this means, "I wait here".... outside of a grocery in Antwerp.

Gettin' ready at Antwerp Central Station.  It always trips me out when the animal or piece of meat or whatever is preparing itself to be more delicious, essentially preparing itself for its demise.  Anthropomorphism's a real bitch sometimes.

Favorite cart at the market at Parvis St-Gilles.