Friday, August 22, 2008

Tea time

I wish I had a tea party to go to. Or at least some tea sammiches to eat.

Dress Tara Jarmon, tank Gap, shoes Theory, bracelet... can't remember the designer, got it at the cutest boutique in Hong Kong. It's right next to the big Bauhaus store at the corner of Yiu Wa and Matheson Streets in Causeway Bay. They always have the best selection of jewelry, some of it culled from Paris. There's a fantastical, whimsical quality to most of the pieces.

I could wear these shoes every day. Not so keen on the current polish, yet it remains. I'll try to do something about it this weekend...

I know I've shot this bracelet before, but I just love it. I put Cochino's photo in the locket. I'm a cheeseball, I know.