Sunday, July 13, 2014

US: 1, SWEDEN: 0

Why is it so hard to find g-damn cold brew coffee here?  My 2 weeks in St. Louis spoiled me--there were beautiful cold brews everywhere I turned.  I even bought a big bottle from Trader Joe's so I could keep it in my own fridge, in case the urge for a cold coffee struck spontaneously.

And here in Stockholm, all they push are iced lattes, which is basically like an iced MILK--yuck yuck yuck, keep your dairy out of my coffee.  I mean, whatever, I can understand some dairy but the milk:espresso ratio in the lattes in Sweden is out of control.  And no, I don't want a frappeccino and no I don't want you to just pour an espresso over ice for me.

We went out of our way yesterday to hit up Drop Coffee because if anyone was gonna have some decent cold coffee, it was gonna be them.  We decided to try the kaffe tonic and the espresso tonic, the origins of which I learned about here.  The espresso tonic was the winner, but they both were fantastic!  They tasted sort of like coffee-flavored ice tea (and were garnished with lemon).  Yum yum yum!  I so wish Drop was in my neighborhood.