Monday, July 7, 2014

StL Visit

I haven't gone anywhere lately for work, but I did take a trip home to St. Louis to visit my parents and my friends.  Thanks to shitty midwestern regional carriers, my flight from St. Louis to Newark was either cancelled or prohibitively late (yeah right, I can manage a 30-minute transfer in Newark!) 2 days in a row so that I ended up staying in St. Louis 2 extra days.  Which made me feel like this:

Thankfully, my dad gave me a couple of free passes to the United Club lounge (because I no longer have baller status thanks to European companies flying you in economy), so I could be all like this during my 6-hour layover in Newark:

Also, Smashburger is awesome.  Thank goodness for their sweet potato fries.

Besides all of the travel BS (props to my company/boss for being so cool about me being 2 days late),  it was a nice trip.  Here are some photos.

Went to the circus with these two favorite ladies:

St. Louis is one of only two cities (did I get that right?) with their own circus.  Ours is the lovely Circus Flora.  

In America, club packs are a RIGHT.

Selfie with one of Alexis's kittehs.  They rule the joint over there!

Scotch eggs from Square One in Lafayette Square.

Late night snacking', midwestern style.

Salad with artichokes, tomato, cashews, feta, and chicken from Ballpark Village (which can go eff itself) in St. Louis.  Yeah, I know, it just looks like a buncha iceberg slop!  The waitress was all-to-eager to comp it, so I think others have been returning these "salads" in outrage, as well.  The place was packed.  I'mma save my ire for my yelp review (it's coming...), so I'll leave it here for now.

Ballpark vignette.

Juniper's fantastic Mallow King cocktail (smoked rum, coffee syrup, cynar, and a toasted marshmallow).  

Drinks on my last night with this hound at the Fox and Hounds.