Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday Season

B and I have our birthdays a week apart.  (And for that week, I am a whole 2 years older than him.  He never ceases to broadcast this.)  The weather was good, I made him a cake, and lots of fun was had.


Oh boy, I made this super-easy cake, but put some chia-raspberry jam in the middle.  And I got real lazy on the "ganache" tip, but my Mississippi mud-style topping tasted damn good, looks aside.

We went to the new(-ish) Stockholm outpost of the CPH-king of beer geekery, Mikkeller, which happens to be just a few blocks from our apartment.  And they got that gluten-free beer!  And cider!

Then we met up with darlings Johan and Edie for a Mexican feast at Cantina Real.  

But the birthday fun didn't stop there!  We had a wander on Saturday and stumbled upon some dumb street dancing festival that featured delicious beer (for B!) and sausages by our favorites Taylors & Jones.  

And on Sunday, we caught a boat to the archipelago.  We went back to Grinda (which I was sure I had written about before but now I can't find the post to link!), which is a really swell little island in the Stockholm archipelago.  It was the most beautiful day.  We walked all around, ate at the little fish restaurant, drank lots of rosé, marveled at the beautiful archipelago houses we saw on our boat ride there/back, and had just about the best day ever.  I felt euphorically happy.

Wouldn't you be euphoric?