Monday, April 14, 2014

Shoe Love Lately

I have been hard at thought about what to stomp around in this Spring.

I love love love these Comeys, but the idea of twisting an ankle (much less eating shit completely) put me off.

These (also from the inimitable Rachel Comey) could be slightly better due to back strapage and OH THOSE STRIPES.  But I already have a pair from her that are strappy, brown, and clogged.  Also:  potential neck breakage due to wooden platform + cobblestone.

But then... THEN I was able to score a pair of THESE beauts from H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection, which came and went last week and if you weren't around for those few hours that it was actually in store or online you would have had no idea it ever existed because now there is nary a trace.   (CSI: Fashion Exclusives Unit?) So those of us lucky to score a snippet of it had better appreciate.

These mules are made from leather tanned with vegetal dyes from cows raised for their organic meat here in Sweden.  How beautiful is that?  Oh, and they're comfortable and cute as ever.

I also scored the heavily embellished sandals (comfy as all getout, made in Portugal thankyouverymuch) and the leather skirt.  As for the matador jacket, just FYI it took 15 days to produce ONE of them in India and sold for less than it cost (that part I won't tell you).  Pretty incredible.  I love my company.