Sunday, April 6, 2014


I was in Indonesia to find new fabrics and learn about the capabilities of their suppliers.  I don't really talk about my job so much on here, I usually just tell you where I've gone (and what I've eaten/seen) on these work trips.  But I'll expand a bit more now.  I do fabric r&d for H&M.  This means:  I research and create the fabric trends for my division each season; I travel to our production offices to work with the teams there, meet with suppliers, and select new fabrics for the season; I go to fabric shows and shop to get inspired about materials and make sure my division is updated on the fabric trends; I am constantly analyzing our process to make sure we are developing materials in a strategic and efficient way.  I love that there are many different sides to my job so that some days I'm more in the trend zone and other days I can be more technical or process-oriented.  And to be able to do this for the second largest retailer in the world?  Well, I'm pretty lucky.

Here are a few photos from the supplier side of my visit to Indonesia.

With some of my local colleagues.

Apparently, I've been calling it all wrong... it's "Riset."

Cutie cutie calico mill kitty.

A mill butterfly confirms camouflage is still in.

which usually looks more like this.  This is what becomes your cotton yarn, folks!

So pretty.