Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shanghai January

Just a regular ol' jaunt to Shanghai to meet with suppliers and look at new fabrics, which happened to coincide with the Shanghai office's holiday party.  Oh my!  There were hats ('twas the theme), prizes, speeches, dancing, and a whole bottle of wine for each table of 12!

Here I am with my favorite dancing lady, Flora, and her team of other gussied up ladies.

After, I tagged along to Nana's birthday party, where the gift bags were full of chic "Chanel" face masks, golden bow ties, and assorted other Asian goodies.  

Chic AND germ-free!

Took FinnAir this time (oh, the loud drunks on the flight to Shanghai... the drunks on FinnAir are the worst in the world!), where I noticed you could watch many of the movies with Latin subtitles.  Oh, to be an overachiever!