Monday, March 31, 2014


I have already declared my love for Seoul here, but after each visit my love seems to burn even brighter for this place.  News this time:  regular old cellphones seem to work and glutinous rice treats (n.b.:  these are gluten-free, despite sounding so gluten-y in name) abound!  I was like some weird dessert junkie, obsessed with where I was gonna score my next glutinous rice treat the whole time.  Nom nom nom.

Oh, and the Style Nanda flagship store in Hongdae is worth whatever your airline ticket costs to get there.  Holy moles, it was SO GOOD.

Just a random sock machine at the Doota store.

I don't know the name of this place, and even though I took a card, I am now not sure which card it is.  Here is what I know:  It is somewhere in Itaewon.  There was an owl in the logo. It seemed like more of a hipster drinking spot, but the food was fantastic.  The kind waiter googled photos of what the food would look like since he couldn't explain to us in English.  We had a seafood hotpot that was bigger than my head and filled with clams and mussels and the biggest squid that Mr. Kind Waiter scissored into pieces for us.  I absolutely recommend this place to anyone going to Seoul... if only I could figure out what it's called!  

Awww, baby made some gwaffiti...

Just about the cutest to-go coffee situation ever.  SO HOT!

And now for some of the glutinous rice treats!  This is a plastic rendition of a glutinous rice cake, which is (again) totally gluten-free and naturally sweetened.  I took one of the pumpkin variety.

And this is a glutinous rice cake flavored with mugwort, which is much better tasting than it sounds.

Above are some shots from our walk around Bukchon Hanok Village, which is not at all as touristy as something similar would be in the United States.  By the way, how pretty are those bricks behind the fish heads?  

And here's some more cutesy graffiti for you.  Oh, Seoul....