Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Switzerland, Part 2

More of beautiful wonderful magical Switzerland.

Turns out our host's mom and I share the same interests.

The coolest curling trophies ever.

The second day, we hiked to the village of Mürren.  It was a totally different kind of hike--more wooded--but no less spectacular.  

We came across a small farm, where the goats enjoyed such views.

And the cows were belled up, in the fashion of Switzerland.  
This sound.  What a beautiful calming sound.  When we were in the village of Wengen, this rang out from the cows grazing on the mountains above.  Forget your babbling brooks or ocean noises, this is a sound to inspire calm.

What are these?  Oh, just some randomly beautiful Swiss wildflowers--each different and lovely in its own way--that I picked on our hike.  

A view from Mürren...

where the window kitties have ramps.  Man, is Switzerland the BEST or what?!

More scenes from Mürren...

Delicious veggie rösti.  Fancy hashbrowns that stick to your ribs.  Yum!