Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parents in Town!

My parents came for a visit in August, their first time to Scandinavia.  We spent some time in Stockholm and then took the train to Copenhagen for a day.  Here are the highlights!

We went to the ancient Viking city of Birka, which used to look like this:

And this:

 But now it looks like this:

It was a fabulous visit, despite the lack of anything left.  The city is on an island on Lake Malaren, so there's a boat involved in getting there (love!) and once there our tour guide was tops.  We learned about the history of the city and the Viking ways of life.  Highly recommended for your next visit to Stockholm!

My parents in (at?) Birka.

A little medley of the island.

 In CPH, we went to see the Little Mermaid statue.
 I love this shot of all of the goings-on there.

Here are my parents with a Danish fancy lady.

Bird apartments.

Doesn't this guy look more simian than feline?!

Damn, I love Copenhagen.

 And then it was back to Stockholm, where we spent a lovely afternoon at Skansen.  I think I love Skansen a little more each time I go.

We were at the front of the fence at wild boar feeding time.  Those pigs were delirious!  Being that they're my favorite animal at Skansen, this was the best part of my day.

The cotton candy stands alone.


There are red squirrels at Skansen, which is totally cute in itself.  But then we spotted this guy who'd paired him up with the candied almond maker, who was slipping him nuts on the sly.  Best.  Team.  Ever.