Sunday, June 9, 2013

Speaking of Cochino

She still has a thing for artist boys.

And she just finished an embarrassing week sporting every animal's least favorite accessory.

Here's the sitch.  Girlfriend has a bit of what is commonly referred to as "cat acne."  (Or as we call it, "pizzaface.")  All this means is that she has some clogged/infected pores on her little kitty chin-chin.  The vet prescribed a something that humans use for acne, so there I was putting it on twice a day for a week or so with no improvement--likely because she was swiftly wiping it off as soon as I went in the other room.  So... she got coned.  Just for about 15 minutes after each application, but still.  Her defeat was pretty obvious.  Though she was obviously demoralized while wearing it, she never bolted or hid when she saw it coming.  She handled the whole thing with poise and class.  Damn, I am so lucky to have her.