Saturday, June 22, 2013


This necklace.  I mean, THIS NECKLACE.  Am I right?

I chased this joint all around Helsinki.  I had Marimekko stores calling other Marimekko stores and I do believe I got the last one in the whole city.  I totally earned it.

This pin is very special to me.  And what about those pheasants?  Ain't nobody gonna tell 'em they ain't peacocks!

This is an unfiltered shot showcasing a glorious Stockholm afternoon.  (Yeah, I'm totally in a long coat, but look how beautiful the sky is!  Stockholm is proof that SUNNY is not equal to WARM.)

The scarf is an old Hayden-Harnett jam with anatomically correct earthworms.  And the Pegasus pin is from Tatty Devine (accept no imitations!).  The sunglasses are ooooold from Urban Outfitters and have been getting lots of play lately.  Not necessarily because I LURVE them, but just because they exist and are in my possession.  I have a rule not to buy expensive sunglasses because I lose or scratch them... but all of my cheap-o sunny g's seem to have stick around for years.  So maybe I should invest in a nice pair?  Nah....

It's as good as you've heard.  

I am mastering the art of taking pictures of my boyfriend wherein he's not making his jerky Bart Simpson-y "photo face."  Look how cute!

Oh, and there was that one time we all dressed up as "arabs" for an Arabian Nights party.  This was a WORK party and was not PC in the least.  

Have I told you how the Swedes take their Summer and Holiday work parties seriously?  As in, costumes and performances.  Costumes meaning that you dress up according to a theme and performances meaning that you are required to sing and dance.  ARGH.  This is definitely the worst part of my job.

Stupid, stupid.