Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eating Recently

Quinoa with mint, spinach, butter beans, peas, and mushrooms with a lemony nom-nom dressing.

The open-air bar in our closest park has started serving tacos.  And they aren't half-bad!  Though we have to suffer through the DB crowd to get them, I think it's worth it.  You people in the US with your cheap and plentiful taco options, you don't know how good you have it.  Most Swedes don't see the difference between flour and corn tortillas.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Speaking of Swedes, apparently buying your popcorn topper at the movies is a thing.  Like, you buy your popcorn and you also buy your flavored powder right there, too.  Are we doing that in the US these days now, as well?

I may have set a pretty high bar for a weeknight dinner with this one, but thankfully my boyfriend is patient and can wait it out with some crackers in the other room.  I made this pistachio falafel WITH all three sauces.  This biz is gluten-free and good to go!  Follow the link for some real pics, but trust me when I tell you it's delicious!

Also, we've been "eating" lots of rosé these days.  'Tis the season!  Here's Melora showing you how it's done.