Monday, May 14, 2012

This Jacket

I'mma be straight.  I've been getting into B's clothes while he's not here.  I pulled out this gem the other week and haven't been able to take it off yet.  I even was so bold as to wear it to Stockholm, knowing that I could have been made to leave it there.  But it seems he understood how much I love it these days, so back to Paris it came.

And, oh yeah, it's reversible.  Beat that.
Though I usually find myself wearing the tiger side out.  I'm telling you, I wear this jacket almost every day.  Sometimes I feel kinda like I'm in the final scene from Grease.

Oh, and I must mention that the too-cool lady at Colette was trying to contain herself over it when she asked if she could see the back, too.  I wanted to pull a "neiner-neiner, it's MY jacket" type thing, but I smugly kept it together.

You wish, Colette saleslady.  You wish.


(Vintage Japan jacket from some store in LA some years ago on a trip with B.)