Sunday, May 20, 2012


There is no shortage of organ grinders by the grands magasins.  I'm glad there's a pole over this guy's head because he was a real jerk.  But look at the--not one but TWO--kitties snuggled up in his basket!

This guy is my favorite.  Not only does he keep his fat tabby in a spaceytimez warming blanket, but he moved it away from her face so I could get a better picture.  

I know I've mentioned the construction around Place de la Republique these days.  Well, the SDFs (or "homeless," as we'd say; this is a term I learned because there was once one sleeping in the lobby of my apartment building) have been quite resilient in putting up with the inconvenience.  This wall was put up just outside a particularly good spot (under an overhang... toot!), that is always populated.  (It seems to be some sort of SDF-central.)

Well, now there is a bucket on a string (which often is bobbing, controlled fishing-rod style by an unseen SDF behind the wall) and a cheeky sign informing that this particular guy could use a coin... because he likes restaurants and caviar and wants a house in St-Tropez.  It's almost enough to make me want to toss some change in his bucket.