Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Louvre

My mother and her friend were in town last week, so some of the main Paris attractions were on the agenda.  I hadn't been to the Louvre in nearly 30 years, and I can't say I was so excited to go.  I knew it would be crowded and I knew I was with mixed company--one who likes museums and the other who doesn't.  Really, the thought of it was overwhelming.  It seemed completely unmanageable--especially in a few hours.  But then I found the visitor trails on the Louvre website, so we dashed through the highlights in about an hour and a half.  Imagine!  The Louvre in an hour and a half--we did it!

It was horribly crowded, and swarming with tours or people not looking where they were going or taking photos or doing all of the things that any mass of people inherently does.  That was the pits.  But I must tell you that once I got there, I wondered why I didn't go more often?  The museum is incredible, the most beautiful museum I have been to.  In many ways, the museum itself is the art what with its ornate ceilings and its gilded walls that ornamenting the art just so.  I found myself wanting to stay, to lose myself in the hall of Jacques-Louis David paintings and stay all day.  But it was not for this visit;  we did our trot-through, saw the highlights and hithered to lunch.  I promised myself to go back.

I started getting goofy with the religious art.  Who knew St. Francis could shoot lasers??

I call this one "Incomiiiiiiing!"

"So Doc, I've got a killer headache."

Apparently it's a trend.

Oh goodness, the Mona Lisa.  They know what you've come for, so they put up the arrowed signs to help.  And look at the crowd!  I did not enjoy my Mona Lisa viewing, I'll tell you that.  It was too crowded, too impersonal, too busy, too behind-glass.  A couple of days before, I went to the Pinacotheque to see the Modigliani exhibit and that was a museum dream!  It was like I was alone with the art!  I could take my time and really enjoy it.  At the Louvre, it was the opposite.  Bump, brush, snap, jostle... that was the Louvre.

So here are a couple of the Jacques-Louis David paintings.  I was really taken with his portraits and could have spent more time among them.  You can see more J-L D here.  Or just go back to the Louvre with me, why don't you?