Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carte de Sejour

Had my appointment at the OFII (office of immigration and integration) earlier this week.  I was a little nervous because if your French isn't good enough, they can make you go to classes.  (duh-duh-duhn!)  But I did alright and didn't even have to show them the attestation my employer had prepared to say I go to French class every week (though I have skipped my fair share recently...), they just put on the certificate that my French was adequate.  Which I'll give 'em, it is adequate.  Is it good?  No.

When I showed up, there was a line around the block of mostly African immigrants and a Hungarian-Sri Lankan (to my best guessing) couple in front of me, who proceeded to get into a mostly one-sided fight, with him attacking her about her forgetting to buy the stamp she needed for her papers.  This continued all the way inside the building and up the stairs and in the line to watch the welcome video.  I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to shut the eff up, but thankfully I lost them after the video so I didn't have to.

I thought I was gonna be there all afternoon, based off of the number of other people, but I lucked out.  I think being an American with gainful employment had something to do with it, because I careered through the place.  This one woman kept coming to get me to speed me through the process.  It was quite a pleasant experience.

And I got my carte de sejour on the spot.  Fancy times.