Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Assorted chats and a chien... because I have INTERNET!

FINALLY.... after a 15-day waiting period (which really was how the guys at Orange put us off... "um, yeah, it should take 15 days for your internet to start working [you dumb Americans]"... hmmm?) and a lengthy appointment with a technician today, during which B had to call me to "translate" and I had to pass the phone to my French coworker to do it properly and an additional 149 euros to pay to the technician on the spot (surprise!  You want internet, you pay!), our internet is finally up and running in our Paris apartment.

Do you hear me?  I HAVE INTERNET!!!!

It was over 6 months without, people.  6 MONTHS!  And so much has happened!

I am wading back in with some favorite photos from the past few weeks.  But much more is to follow!  I just want to squeal with excitement!  Here I come Skype and Facebook and emails with attachments and downloading movies and music and, oh, it's almost too much!

 Birthday card from Betsy.

 This guy called "Sardine Animal" has been putting up some real cuties lately.  More to follow.




 around the corner...

from my apartment.

So you know the location of my place was meant to be.

Rocky, my Sunday lunch buddy.

Me trying to tell someone I'm going to be late.