Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Bastille Day Report, Days Later

Here is your un-timely update.  I didn't see any parades, but the seated ladies on the Republique statue were festive in their blue and red beards.

I learned that Bastille Day parties center around the firehouses, and that cheap champagne is plentiful.  (What a holiday!)

We went to this party by the Point Ephemere (can't wait to see Wild Nothing there soon!!!), where there was a crap band (think HK girls doing covers at Bulldogs in TST) playing American Top 40 hits and dancing in synch, and firefighters were generously doling out bubbly for as cheap as I've ever seen it here (20 euros for a bottle!).

But I kept thinking how the night was an arsonist's dream, what with all of the pompiers partying down.  I mean, it you had ever wanted to set something ablaze in the city of lights, this was your night.

Here are some crap pics of the giant champagne/firehouse party:

And I spotted this on my walk to work on July 15.

It was a very good night indeed.