Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Ate

I swear, they were laughing at me in Mandarin because I was such a "good eater."

Whatever, it was deeeeeelicious!

 Peking duck from a famous place in Beijing where each duck is numbered and they give you a card in remembrance of your duck.  It's duck 3 ways.  First, the crispy skin, then the meaty bits (with more skin--can't get enough!) that you put in the pancakes, and then duck bone soup (which I thought was a little bland).

Tennis racket-shaped pastries.

Fish soup, always fish soup.

Pink-eyed bunny dumpling!

The BEST yogurt.  It's local to Beijing and tastes of honey.  You buy it, pop a straw in it, enjoy the heck out of it, then drop it at any other stand that sells 'em to be recycled.  I am in love the with packaging.  If I wasn't under weight limits for my luggage, I would have brought home a few of these crocks.

See what I mean?  So cute!

OK, I didn't eat this, but I caught this scene at a market off Taikang Road in Shanghai.  I caption it in my mind:  "So do you wanna go for the chicken or should I while she's bending down?!"

Also, I'm pretty sure this would be breaking multiple food safety regulations in the States.

Also didn't eat, but check out the variety of eggs.

And of tripe!

One of my favorite things.  This street stand (with a constant crazy line) off Taikang Road sells the best sweet/spicy flatbread/pancake thingy.  Oh boy, was it good!  I got in line to get a piece-a whatever the people couldn't get enough of, managed to order it in gesticulations and grunts, and was not disappointed.

I want some more NOW.

This looks like a mess, but it is  crazy spicy szechuan fish with two kinds of peppers.  It made grown Chinese men cry.  But in a good way.

Pork belly, sliced tongue, duck hearts, and some snausages.  All with spicy powder for dipping.  

This man is dumping out a box of steamed zong zi, a special leaf-wrapped delight from JiaXong city in the ZheJiang province.  We literally stopped at a "truck stop" to get these because they are such a delicacy from this area.  

This is a better pic of what's inside.  Brown rice around a hunk-a pork and an egg.

Here's what is looked like all hot and tasty in my plastic bag.  It was like a breakfast delight.  So.  Good. After I got over the fact that I was eating weird side-of-the-Chinese-country-highway-food, I enjoyed it massively.

The prettiest crab in the world!  I picked him out of the tank myself!

This, friends, is a goose foot in gravy.  It kinda looks like a goose head (wait, did I tell you I ate duck brains?  Well, I did!  I declare them small but good.)  It is so meaty and delicious that they give you (and I mean everyone--not just me, the American) a knife and fork to manage.  Actually, one guy at the table was working his with plastic gloves.

I was really lucky to eat so well.  Now I've gotta get to getting active to work off this travel weight!