Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Scenes

In and around Beijing/Shanghai/Shaoxing, etc.

*Now with captions!*

"Tile Cat"

Chinese churros?  Interesting...

When in China...

The Liu Li ducks outside the Liu Li Gallery.

Yes, you are.

On the mend.

Whatta view!

Painting on Taikang Lu.

Check it!  There are blueberry and lemon tea flavored potato chips.  I think I'd definitely go with the hot & sour fish soup flavor at right.

That's my girl!

Look!  Even Shanghai fancies hang out their laundry!

Shoe store friends.

Two of my favorite things:  cats and warp beams.

There is a "CREEP" setting.

Spot all of the errors in this Shaoxing bathroom warning!

Totally ballin'.

Those chess hooligans must cause all kinds of trouble!

This may be my favorite shot of the whole trip.