Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Flings

I've been searching for a replacement to my omnipresent yellow neon Timex. I've looked in HK, Paris, London, NY... and have almost settled on a different color or even a gold metal version. But then I figured that I should get something entirely different and not the same thing just in a different color. But there's no other watch I like enough to warrant purchase. And I've gotten used to never taking the darn thing off, but, well, it's dirty.

Until I found these...

which are SOLD OUT at Colette. (I must state that I am totally over the Colette phenomenon... or rather, that's it's not much of a phenomenon any longer, but not enough to not _buy_ something there.) Drat. The search continues...

In the meantime, maybe one of these brights from the Cambridge Satchel Company would hold me. The purple and the yellow are their satchels (with a shoulder strap), while the red (below) is their "batchel."

Stepping out with a red leather (monogrammed, of course) batchel seems so quaint. This could be me in Brussels, no?