Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fluffy Floral

You can't see it on my face, but spring is officially here! Wandered all over the fine city of Philadelphia this weekend. (And my feet are blistered to show for it. Stupid slouchy Theory boots. Even after a stretch at Lenny's [my trusty shoe guy], you still aggravate me.)

Highlights of the weekend: dinner al fresco Friday night at L'Etage (the standout was the spring beans salad... yum!), then a tour of sorts to James (with its adorable whitewashed bar), then to meet up with others at the Cantina on Passyunk, then to the Pope, then to Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, then to the Friendly Lounge (where the locals were indeed friendly, despite the impression it gives from the outside), then to the trusty Royal Tavern, and finally closing the night down at Lorenzo's for a slice. There we were, ambling all over south-ish Philly on a fair-weathered Friday eve. It was a night for the diaries.

Yikes, that was just Friday. Strolled up to Center City on Saturday (stopping at Grasshopper to pick up some vintage duds on the way), then to New Wave for an outside meet-up, then to Nicki's Revenge of the Nerds party, which ended up looking like a nerds vs. jocks standoff, though the karaoke machine brought all together swimmingly.

Sunday included a lunch at El Jarocho for some of the best carnitas I've had in this city and a delicious dinner (cooked by yours truly) of roasted baby artichokes and potatoes, asparagus and spring greens salad with crumbled goat cheese, and sauteed scallops.

Anyway... I picked up this gem at Grasshopper. It has the fluffiest embroidery yarns! Necklace (little gold book of design highlights from the V&A Museum) by Comfort Station. It is actually a somewhat custom piece that she made based off one of her other designs. Lucky me.