Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hong Kong--Part 4--Foodstuffs

Street shot of sammies and some mystery knuckle-looking thing.

These buns are sticking their little hammy tongues out at you!

I forgot what this is called... it's some sort of "apple."

Oh... Freshness Burger. I became obsessed with taking a good photo of this sign, but it was tricky whilst on the escalator! Anyway, you'll have to trust me that there is a Teriyaki Spam Burger, as well as the ever-mysterious Menchi Burger. YUM!

Our last night, we went out to the New Territories for a seafood dinner. It was a cute little beach town, and there was more fresh seafood than I've ever seen. They had at least 4 varieties of what looked to be lobster. The above is what I call "stripey bottled lobster." We didn't try them, but I totally would have.

We did eat these. They were delicious, but every time I thought about their creepy bug faces, I got relatively grossed out. But the deliciousness overrode the gross factor, so I didn't, like, stop eating them or anything!

The biggest lobsters I have ever seen!

A pretty deli case in the MTR station.