Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hong Kong--Part 3--Random Fun

Me... not feeling so well. There are fewer things grosser than having to breathe through your mouth on the streets on Hong Kong.

Oh! And I got stopped at the airport by the officials who take the temperatures of people to make sure they're not bringing some communicable disease (like SARS) into the country. I have NEVER seen them actually taking someone's temperature, and I wasn't even walking near them, but they came running out after me (calling, "Lady! Lady!") and made me have my temperature taken. I felt terrible, and I must have looked just as bad. I was picturing myself trying to explain to them that I had a cold, but being quarantined nonetheless... but they let me go. Phew!

So much industry. The whole world appears to transit through Hong Kong.

Lots of construction.... refurbishments and building "up."

Lovin' it, indeed.

I always travel with Mr. Mustache. He's a great neck pillow for the plane, and, well, he likes to see the world. I came back one night and the evening maid had turned down the bed and set him atop the pillows! Now I always judge the hotel maid by her treatment of Mr. Mustache.