Saturday, November 30, 2013

Minju Kim

This coat.

I mean, right?

This coat stops traffic.  I make all kinds of new friends when I wear it.  Even the Swedes, who do not warm up to outsiders so easily, find themselves crossing streets or shops to ask me where the coat is from.  This woman was snapping photos of me (er, the coat) like crazy at a Marimekko party the other night, and I actually had one iota of a sense of how annoying it would be to go through life like that.  (Poor Kim Kardashi... wait.  NO.)

And do you know where it's from?  H&M.

Yeah, buddy!  H&M.  Over here (and in other selected big cities), H&M has all sorts of edgy and trendy get-ups.  And things that are produced in small runs.  (Ask me about my goat-skin fringed leather jacket made in Turkey...) Like this coat.  There were only four of them in all of Sweden.  How's that for exclusive?  I'm certain there were less than 1000 made.  F-A-N-C-E.

Anyway, the designer is Minju Kim and she won the H&M design award this year.  Her collection was sold in selected H&M stores, as well as in Opening Ceremony in the US.  I will post more pics from the  other pieces I bought from her collection (stay tuned for the "monster hug cape") as I wear 'em, but for now you can see more here.  God, it's like she was designing for me.

Back to the coat... real quick, the pink skirt-y part in the back zips off so it can be a relatively less-kooky item, made up of only two mis-matched wool blend jacquard fabrics.  I know... AND it's convertible??  This coat is tops.