Sunday, March 17, 2013

V + S

Yesterday something magical happened.  Victoria and Stefan got married, Swedish-style!  And we got to go to the beautiful Stadshuset and be a part of it.

Here they are submitting their IDs.  And guess who was standing right there and got to be an official witness??  This lady!  I have a vested interested in this marriage.  My name is on the paper, too!

It was a quick affair.  To the point, really.  Though I didn't understand what the lady judge (in her fancy robe) was saying, I did hear her say something that sounded like the Swedish version of "respect" at one point.  Honestly, the minute they went before her my eyes got wet and that was that.  At the end, they smooched for us all, their friends and family playing paparazzi to capture the moment.  And then we went outside and popped some champagne and enjoyed the sunny day.

This guy came over to see what the fuss was about.  I'm pretty sure having a swan turn up to your wedding is good luck.

And here they are, looking over the city that brought them together.

Sometimes life is crazy-good.