Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hans Karlsson Is My Hero

B and I stumbled upon the paintings below at a local vintage store.  (Said store looks and smells like a thrift store, but the prices are definitely more dear.)  Still, when we saw the wonderful animal works of Hans Karlsson, it was too late.  We were goners.

I pressed the owner for more info about Mr. Karlsson, and he showed us this outdated article (in Swedish).  I asked if he was still painting, and the owner gave me a sheepish answer that he was working on "something" these days.  Hmm.  Later google searches indicated that he might also have been involved in politics here.  But then, there are probably lotsa Hans Karlssons in these parts.

Ultimately, we took home this grey kitty.  I fell in love with his worried expression and giant ears, and also the background is so cool.  He's now hanging above our bed.

But I still think about that punk rock puppy (above).  If only we had a bigger place.  I would have a room dedicated to this guy's art if I could.  Oh, Hans Karlsson, I can't wait to see your next "something."