Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things I Should Have Been Blogging About This Whole Time

Lest you think this dormancy is permanent, I give you the following things that I should have been blogging about in the past few weeks.  Shame on me for my lack of presence lately.  Why is it that when so many exciting things are happening, it's hard to find the time to record them?

1.  A trip to Biarritz, San Sebastian, and Bilbao with an old friend.  (Takeaways:  my bile toward Frank Gehry is ever-bitter.  I almost lose my shizz [in a good way] in a Serra sculpture.  Pintxos are rad.  Must visit San Sebastian again, on a non-rainy day.  Bilbao is definitely the Pittsburg of Spain.  The Basque wild ponies are my babies!)

2.  A new job!  I'm moving to Sweden!  It's official!  I leave Paris August 2!  The only exclaiming I do on that day will be in a sad way, as it's going to shake me to leave Paris, my dream city, my favorite city, my home for the past year and a half.

3.  Paris sales, starting tomorrow.  I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight.

4.  Moringa oil.  I got a hot tip on this stuff from one A.T.S. and holy moly, google it for yourself.  Now if I could just find a supplier in Paris.  Or maybe I just shell out for the shipping costs?

5.  The spicy peanut sauce I made for dins tonight.  I even did the dishes afterward (an event that rarely happens on the same night) in order to avoid this blog for a while longer.  It didn't work.

6.  My first midsommar in Sweden.  It was glorious--the skies that were bluer than blue, the quaint country house, the barbecued meats and the gluten-free fika, the heavy metal mowing and the interpretive dancing, the mosquito tent.  I couldn't have asked for a better time.  If I had brought a change of underjams, I might have even stayed an extra day.  Who knew I could get down with the country like that?

7.  Mad Men.  Damn you, Mad Men, for being as good as they all said you were.  Damn you for sucking up my evenings and for keeping me up late to watch episodes before bed when I've prematurely pulled myself away from real socialization because I was getting itchy about what Don Draper was going to do next.  And damn you most of all for making me part of your cult so that I have recruited others.  At least I have more people to talk about you with.  Mad Men.

8.  The dear new friend I have made here in Paris, though I will be moving to her home country soon. (Hey irony, why don't you jump?)  Still, we have been maximizing our time while we are in the same city and no doubt will know each other for a long time.

9.  I am getting older.  Again.  On Thursday.  I will be transitioning from my mid-thirties to my late thirties.  Or so they tell me.  I ain't skeert!  Besides the hangovers, life just keeps getting better.