Sunday, June 3, 2012

These Things Have Been Happening

My feet are torn up.  Torn up on the level of someone who lives in the jungle without shoes.  Actually, the feet of someone who lives in the jungle without shoes probably morph into something like shoe-feet, all coarse and leathery and tough--without the 1st world blisters and rubs mine are currently exhibiting.  So it's closer to say that my feet are torn up like a castle-dweller who was suddenly dropped in the jungle and forced to subsist unshod.

I mean to say that there are blisters and open sores and glaring manifestations of pain all over my tootsies.  I am running out of "safe" shoes that avoid the problem areas.

So what am I doing?

Well, for one, I bought these:

It was part celebration (more on that later), part because I know they are well-made comfortable shoes (Chie Mihara), and part because I have coveted them since they appeared in the Manoush window two days before.  Hey, at least I could wait 2 days.  

I have also been hammering.  My shoes.

I've tried to break in every damn pair by dousing them with "shoe stretch" spray, wearing multiple pairs of socks, and tippy toeing and rolling my ankles all around the apartment.  And you know what that did?  Got me right into this oozing open blister mess.  So you know what I do now?  HAMMER.  

I pound, pound, pound and break it down.  And somehow, it feels satisfying to lay it back on the thing that caused me pain.  Even if it is an inanimate object.  


I don't know how I got by without Mad Men for so long.  Now I am in the throes of some serious addiction.  We're talking at least one episode a night, ending meet-ups with real live humans early so I can crawl into bed with some Madison Avenue haps.  And of course I remind everyone that sexy/naughty Don Draper is really from my hometown.

The best part is, I'm still on season 1.  This can keep me distracted for most of the summer!


You know what else I've been into?  

It's just chickpea flour and water, and it makes a magnificent pizza crust for those of us off the flour.  But you can also cook it thicker, more like a pancake, and eat it un-topped.  Actually, you can do just about anything with it.  It's pretty marvelous.  David Lebowitz has a nice bit on it here.


You know what I don't care about?  The Diamond Jubilee.  All apologies to my English friends, but really I could give a rat's.