Sunday, April 22, 2012

Leftovers from Stockholm

I'm back there again this weekend, but here are a few scraps from my last trip.  The one where it snowed over Easter and I picked up a horrid stomach bug.  Yeah, that trip.

Makeshift studio.  There's nothing like a boy painting a cat to make my heart a-flutter.

Easter, Swedish style.  Oh, also the kids dress up as witches and beg for money.  

We went to the Vasa museum, which despite sounding extremely boring was actually pretty great.  The Swedes turned one of their biggest embarrassments (an expensive, beautiful, state-of-the art ship meant to show the world the power of the Swedish navy barely makes it out of the harbor before sinking) into a window on 17c life--on and off the water.  It's a wonder to see this exquisitely preserved ship from 1628 looming large in a museum built just for it.  And the dramatic lighting (to better preserve the ship) just adds to the experience.  Well done, Vasa Museum.  Maybe next time I'll bring the fancy cams to get some better photos.  Or just come visit, and you can see for yourself!