Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stuff on Walls (and Sidewalks and Street Signs...)

Sorry for the save-up, but I think you'll be pleased with some of the snaps of the past couple of weeks.  Good stuffs!

Belge & Méchant.
Oh, Walter.

Bande de chevres.
Those goats is cool.

Hot, hot, hot!

A tag on the ivy by the canal.  

I don't know where these arrows were leading to, but I think it's how I want to let people know where my next party is...

Something like:   "just get to Vielle du Temple and Franc Bourgeois and follow the arrows.  See you whenever you get here!"

You know I love this.

The kids on the street where my office is Sharpeed all this stuff on the sidewalk.  Cute.

Careful!  Don't slip!

Happy happy rainbow cat.

 Someone popped her real good.


Fish timebomb.


Looks like Keith has some competition from Jimbo.