Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stuff I Saw

So many good things upon returning to Paris last week.

The old municipal baths building.

This guy was doing this giant drawing near the Pompidou with his loyal daschund guarding the tip plate.

The fountain by the Pompidou is drained... and full of people climbing on things and creating photo ops.

Creepy mosaic art.
I mean, that guy's a little creepy, right?

I just like this.


Ah... Keith.  You have scrawled your silly name all over the Marais... and onto my heart.

I don't know where this guy ran off to, but he left his "Je suis hetero et je support le marriage gay" sign.
Is he begging and looking to score?  Maybe this was his lucky day...

What is this Street Fighter?

Look who I met hanging out on the stairs of my building.  She has a bandage around her middle, but when I asked her dad if she was hurt, he went into an elaborate story (in too-fast French) that just made it seem to me that she got a bad haircut.