Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Got a new camera, but haven't taken many outfit photos lately. I was nearly felled by a horrible cold that was making the rounds at work... just in time for our vacation to the great, white north. Not fun to be at Niagara Falls when your nose is taking cues from the gusto of the water. That said, here are some photos of the trip to Niagara and Toronto.

On Centre Island in Toronto... favorite cashmere scarf gift from Marco at the lovely Italian mill Manteco, vintage Geiger jacket, dress Willow, purse Surface to Air (Paris not NY collective), tights Hue, boots Frye (unseen).

At Soma, the amazing chocolatier in the Distillery District of Toronto (thanks, WGSN!). The delightful hazelnut cookies are called "bones of the dead." (I must recreate them at home.) The frothy brown drink is a Mexican hot chocolate. The combination, whilst sitting out on a cool afternoon, is bliss.

"Jouney Behind The Falls." In the biodegradable poncho they give you for the excursion behind the falls. It looks like I'm wearing a fanny pack under my poncho. I kinda wish I was, but it's actually just my sweater peeking out from my jacket.