Sunday, March 22, 2015

What I've Been Wearing

Poms and checks in the stairway of my old building.


This scottie pin was mine from when I was little.

 And here's the coat in full.

Old Philip Lim shortalls, y'all.

My favorite winter coat.

This "jade" elephant with a "diamond" eye.  A vintage find from my St. Louis days.

Scenes from an outfit:  frog ring from Bimba y Lola, necklace from this Tibetan store in Shanghai (I know, I know).

Wearing my disco hologram leggings from Lucy's wonderful line LuLa Loop.

I love the ruffle knees... and the label.  Lucy is the best.

Whenever I wear these gold tennies I feel like a jazzy granny.  The vintage Pierre Cardin velour shirt didn't hurt, either.

Winter brights.

Beautiful intarsia hand knit sweater from Moonchild.

Roots and boots.

A couple of vintage scores from my last trip to Paris.

My "over-halfs" from Seoul.

The best vintage print.

Do you see the theme?

My waxed linen-wrapped pennies necklace from lovely Janette.

Looking creepy in my all-time best Tatty Devine planetary necklace.