Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meanwhile, In Seoul

After the best trip ever in Japan, I was off to Seoul to meet up with colleagues for some shopping.

I guess I'd be mad if I were him, too.

Rice-flavored ice cream. Y'all just can't get enough!

Cutie murals.

Seoul is obsessed with fried chicken. I like how direct this sign is.  

I'm batty for Seoul.

I had patbingsu for the first time this trip. It's shaved ice with condensed milk and here with red beans and sweet potato. It's so refreshing on a hot day!

What's more popular than fried chicken in Seoul? Coffee. This hipster with his Boston Terrier was happy to have his photo taken.

New obsession? Makgeolli. This fizzy, cloudy, semi-sweet beverage is my new alcohol of choice. Too bad I can't get it in Sweden. (And due to it's fizziness, it does not travel well via airplane. Believe me, I tried.